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   Editing Services for Romance Authors

Content Editing 


I'm Nicole, a freelance editor of romantic fiction. I collaborate with authors to create and market high quality romance books. I help authors take pride in their work, become established, and excel in their craft.

I'm not taking new clients at this time.

I use The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, as well as several online grammar and writing resources. You can see more of my resources here.

  • A content edit of the first 5,000 words of your manuscript
  • A preliminary style sheet
  • A summary letter
  • A proposal for a complete content edit

I am not currently doing sample edits.

A sample edit includes;

I'm all about quality and do not rush through an edit. My average turn-around time is 20,000 words per week, and I work on one project at a time. I make all my changes and suggestions visible to you in real time on Google Docs. 

A content edit is a detailed structural analysis of your manuscript that identifies the book's strengths and weaknesses. I check for consistency, research facts, and note writing habits that can be improved. I summarize my analysis in a letter to you, including constructive guidance and helpful tips to improve your writing. I track all changes using Microsoft Word and/or Google Docs.

I utilize a unique style sheet that outlines the book by chapter, scene, and timeline. My style sheet is a quick reference guide to your book's organization, word conventions, and repeated elements throughout the story. It's a valuable communication tool, and I know I'm the only editor using it because I created it. You can see my style sheet template here.

I only do comprehensive content editing and don't proofread or line edit any work I haven't edited myself. Manuscripts come to me at many stages and I give a book what it needs. I don't qualify or limit my level of effort before I begin.

     A content edit includes;

  • A substantive edit of your manuscript, author bio, book synopsis and query letter (usually two rounds of editing)
  • A proofreading of your final draft before publication

  • A comprehensive style sheet
  • A summary letter

  • Book promotion (ask me about promotion options)


Professional editors are the advocate for the reader. They point out ways to narrow the lens, sharpen the story, and clarify the plot. A good editor only improves a manuscript.

A professional, experienced editor is an author's guardian angel.

An editor is a successful writer's secret weapon.

Sample Edit